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Biotope Diversity


Lifecycle:30 Nov 2013 →  31 Jan 2017
Organisation profile:

The Biotope Diversity research group monitors and investigates biodiversity mainly at biotope level, focusing on both terrestrial and aquatic biotopes and paying special attention to Natura 2000 habitats. It designs monitoring networks and mapping and other methods for monitoring biotopes’ conservation status and for the purposes of mandatory reporting to Europe. Besides designing measurement networks, the group also performs some biotope mapping and monitoring itself. In addition, the group is largely responsible for the provision of scientific support for Flemish policy on specific areas, especially in the drafting of conservation objectives for special protection areas. The biological assessment map and Natura 2000 habitat map continue to play an essential role here. In order to improve the efficiency of cartographic work, the group also looks at the possibilities for implementing new technologies such as remote sensing.