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BioMechanics (BMe)


Lifecycle:1 Aug 2020 →  Today
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The research activities of the division are concentrated in three areas of biomechanics: 1. FUNDAMENTAL BONE RESEARCH: Both the relation between bone structure and its mechanical properties and the influence of mechanical sollicitation on bone remodelling are investigated. These relations are particularly relevant for the study and comprehension of fracture healing mechanisms and of osteoporosis. The division uses state of the art engineering techniques such as F.E.M., mechanical tests, vibration analysis and ultrasound, many of which have been developed in the division itself. The division has also been qualified by the Flemish government to carry out animal experiments. 2.MECHANICAL ANALYSIS AND NUMERICAL SIMULATION IN ORTHOPAEDICS AND DENTISTRY: The mechanical performance of new and existing prosthesis designs is evaluated with F.E.M., strain gauge techniques and animal experiments. CAD-techniques, rapid prototyping and robotics are currently explored, to aid in pre-operative planning, custom-manufacturing of implants and the enhancement of precision in orthopaedic surgery. 3. REVALIDATION TECHNOLOGY: The aim of this research topic is to integrate our knowledge of biomechanics and engineering mechanics in the design and development of optimised revalidation tools. Prominent examples of those are: the micro-computer controlled above-knee prosthesis, the application of functional electricalstimulation for the partial restoration of the gait of paraplegics and the development of a mattress with optimal stiffness distribution. The division is heavily engaged in the training of our engineering students. It is responsible for the first and second year education in engineering mechanics and engineering design. In these courses we focus on the ability of the students to learn for themselves and we train them in problem-solving. The use of computers and multi-media is becoming even more important, because we believe that these tools can help the students to reach these goals. The division also organises the post- graduate program in biomedical and clinical engineering.

Keywords:Biomechanics, Bone research, Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation engineering, Joint replacement, Prosthetics, Skeleton, Medical technology