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Biochemistry, Molecular and Structural Biology


Main organisation:Department of Chemistry
Lifecycle:1 Oct 2004  →  Today
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Research on four types of functionally active proteins - Copper proteins : hemocyanins (involved in dioxygen binding). - Thiol proteins: metallothioneins (metal detoxication and donation). - Protease inhibitors: alpha -2-macroglobulin homologues. - Regulatory proteins: cytokines (defencesystems against infection). Aim: to determine, after their isolation or possible induction, the composition and the primary to quaternary structure of these proteins, to compare their antigenic properties with mono- and polyclonal antibodies, to localize and characterize the active sites, to localize the site of biosynthesis, to reach via the cDNA technology the amino-acid sequence and the production of these proteins, to study the role of the induced metallothioneins on the synthesis of the metalloproteins.

Keywords:Monoclonal antibodies, Macroglobulin, cDNA technology, Amino acid sequence, Separation techniques, Cytokines, Metallothioneins, Haemocyanins, Audiotaped instruction, Problem solving, Lanthanides, Molten salts, Thermal analysis, Separation chemistry, Electrochemistry, Coordination chemistry, Radiochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, fluid dynamics, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, coherent radiatio, Physical Organic chemistry, Education, Macromolecular chemistry, Diffraction techniques, Scientific language, Morphology, Structure-property relations, Biopolymers, Composites, Polymer Blends, Polymers, Analysis by I.C.P.-M.S., Magnetic Circular Dichroism, Spectroscopy, Chemical treatment of semiconductors, Atmospheric chemistry, Combustion chemistry, Concept formation, Chemical kinetics of radical reactions, Photochemistry, Actinides, Relaxation Dynamics, Irreversibility, Thermodynamics, Lasers, Coherent radiatio, Kinetics, Intermolecular interactions, Hydrogen bonding, Solubility, Infrared spectroscopy, Matrix isolation, Tautomerism of DNA bases, Radical cations, irreversibility, Fluid dynamics, molecular interactions, vibrational spectroscopy
Disciplines:Biochemistry and metabolism, Medical biochemistry and metabolism, Systems biology