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Area Entrepreneurship, Governance & Strategy

Main organisation:Vlerick Business School
Lifecycle:1 Jan 1953 →  Today
Organisation profile:
Vlerick Business School is an academic business school, striving for rigorous and relevant research with a positive impact. We are engaged in both fundamental academic research and research for business and society. 
In particular, in the Area Entrepreneurship, Governance & Strategy is carried out within knowledge domains such as Entrepreneurship & growth, Entrepreneurial finance, Social entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship culture, Entrepreneurship education, Small & medium-sized enterprises, Corporate governance, Remuneration of top managers, Responsible management & business, Performance & risk management and Remuneration policy. 
Moreover, in our research centres "Centre for Excellence in Scale-ups", "Impulse Centre: Growth Management for Medium-sized Enterprises (iGMO)", "Strategy in Action Platform", "Centre for Excellence in Strategic Rewards", "Executive Remuneration Research Centre" and the "Vlerick Energy Centre" within the Area Entrepreneurship, Governance & Strategy academic research and applied research come together. Through partnerships and memberships with companies and organisations, our centres keep a finger on the pulse of business and societal challenges.
Keywords:Entrepreneurship & growth, Remuneration policy, Entrepreneurial finance, Social entrepreneurship, Performance & risk management, Responsible management & business, Entrepreneurship culture, Remuneration of top managers, Entrepreneurship education, Corporate governance, Small & medium-sized enterprises
Disciplines:Artificial intelligence, Information sciences, Information systems, Energy generation, conversion and storage engineering, Solar energy, Energy storage, Economic development, innovation, technological change and growth, Applied economics, Management, Mathematical and quantitative methods, Macroeconomics and monetary economics, Economic history, Business administration and accounting, Microeconomics