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Archaeology, Leuven

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977 →  Today
Organisation profile:

PREHISTORY - Settlement structure of Late Palaeolithic and Early Holocene sites. - Microwear analysis (microscopic use traces) of prehistoric flint tools.- The introduction of agriculture in northern Belgium. - Belgian Middle Egypt Prehistoric Project: the prehistory of the Nile Valley. - Chert quarrying and mining techniques. - Methodological approach of Palaeolithic stone technology. ANCIENT NEAR EAST - Egyptian and Coptic art: iconological and iconographic research, computer-aided when useful. Archaeological and epigraphic mission Leuven-Lille at Shenhur (near Qena, Egypt). - Mesopotamia: participation in the 'Working group on Palaeoenvironmental Research Projects in Mesopotamia': Cunieform Studies. NUMISMATICS - Center for Numismatic Studies: Workshop on Ancient and Mediaeval coins in archaeological and historical context. Mediterranean influence on Celtic coins. LAMPS - Typological and iconographic studies, esp. on Greco-Roman and Early Christian lamps. ICONOLOGY - The iconic language of Greco-Roman and Early Christian representations. WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN WORLD - Historical topography of Central and Southern Italy. EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN WORLD - Study of the quarrying techniques and the trade of stone in the Greek and Roman world, connected with a project to identify the provenance of white marble used in Antiquity, through scientific methods: trace element and stable isotope analysis. - Computer-aided study of the typology and dating of Phrygian sarcophagy.- Survey and excavations of Pisidian Sagalassus, Turkey. - Typological and Analytical Study of Eastern Sigillata. - Minoan-Mycenaean interaction in Late Bronze Age Crete. NATIONAL - Iron-age habitat in the Flemish region, within larger oppida research: military implantation in early and late Roman periods. Merovingian habitat. - Participation in the internationally organized 'Landesaufnahme'. - The problem of the cultural-historical continuity versus discontinuity in the period following the Roman era up to the Carolingian Renaissance (4th-8th century A.D.). An archaeological approach centering on Oost-Brabant. - Industrial Archaeology. EASTERN WORLD - Indian Archaeology, esp. Harappa culture and Gandhara art.

Keywords:Ceramology, Ancient Art, Prehistory, Archeology, Topography, Numismatics, Iconology, Technology
Disciplines:History, Archaeology, Theory and methodology of archaeology, Other history and archaeology, Historical theory and methodology