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Anesthesiology and Algology


Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977 →  Today
Organisation profile:

A. Expansion of the Clinical Research Unit of the department of anaesthesiology. This unit is at the disposition of 1. Stafmembers of the department who wish to initiate and conduct clinical research in their subspeciality. 2. Companies active in health care who wish to submit their products for evaluating in a clinical environment. 3. Health care manger who wishes to investigate organisation, cost explosion and containment in health care. B. Continuity in the animal lab of the department of anaesthesiology to enable companies active in healthcare to submit preclinical product testing and members of the department to initiate or continu lab work on animal models. C. Realisations/Active projects: -Development of a pulse-oximeter calibrator. - Effects of Clevidipine on minimum alveolar concentration of volatile anaesthetics. - Effects of long-chain triglycerides on contractile recovery of stunned myocardium. - Hemodynamic effects of parenterally administered lipid-emulsions in chronically instrumented dogs. - Effects of propofol on myocardial function in acute ischemia/reperfusion.- Development of strategies for postoperative patient controlled analgesia techniques. - Development and evaluation of techniques and instruments for regional anaesthesia. - Development and evaluation of strategies for the conduction of general anaesthesia by the combination of agents. - Cardiocirculatory stabilizing agents in the perioperative period. - New opioids, non steroidal anti-inflammatory and inhalation agents in anaesthesia. - Blood substitution solutions. - Oxygen uptake in the perioperative period.

Keywords:Myocardial ischemia, Circulatory assist devices, Lung ischemia, Cardiovascular farmacology, Mandibular distraction, Laser neurosurgery, Myocardial hibernation, Oncological research, anaesthesiology
Disciplines:Anaesthesiology, Intensive care and emergency medicine