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Research Group

Main organisation:University College Ghent
Lifecycle:21 Sep 2020 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The interdisciplinary research group AgroFoodNature works, together with government agencies, other research institutes, cities, companies, farmers and conservationists at the interface of agri- and horticulture, food production and processing and nature conservation towards a sustainable agriculture and food system and a biodiverse green infrastructure.

AgroFoodNature focuses on:

1.      a sustainable plant and animal production through the development of integrated circular bio-economy systems, climate-proof crop production, climate resilient agro-ecosystems and integrated pest management systems;

2.      a sustainable food production offering a diversity of nutritious and healthy food products and aiming to reduce food losses and a food consumption taking into account healthy diets and food waste problems;

3.      the restoration of biodiversity through innovative nature restoration measures, nature-inclusive farming and farm-including nature management.

The research team consists of 40 researchers in various areas of expertise and works in well-equipped and modern infrastructure such as a pilot brewery, a bakery lab and the Research Farm Bottelare. 

Keywords:brewery and fermentation, agri- and horticulture, healthy diets, IPM, plant production, food production, biodiversity
Disciplines:Agricultural plant production, Agriculture, land and farm management, Agricultural plant breeding and biotechnology, Food sciences and (bio)technology, Horticultural production, Forestry management and modelling, Forest protection, Ecology, Environmental science and management, Soil sciences, challenges and pollution , Industrial biotechnology, Public health nutrition, Consumer behaviour