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SYTADEL – Logistics data space in Flanders applied to synchromodal planning

SYTADEL is applying the state-of-the-art on data spaces to the context of logistics synchromodal planning. The emphasis is on the creation of the logistics data space, yet a data space without applications to use and test its efficacy is sterile, which is why we will apply it to synchromodal planning. Synchromodal planning was selected due to its relevance to the future of logistics, and because of its heavy reliance on a logistics data space. The synchromodal planning algorithms will be deployed and tested in two Living Labs. One will concern the urban logistics of construction materials in the periphery of Ghent. A second Living Lab will test the data space and synchromodal planning algorithms in truck-train logistics.
Date:1 Mar 2022 →  Today
Keywords:logistics, data space, synchromodal planning
Disciplines:Transport economics, Other engineering and technology not elsewhere classified
Project type:Collaboration project