FRIS Research portal is winner of Agoria e-Gov Awards 2018

The FRIS research portal won the fifteenth edition of the Agoria e-Gov Awards. We won both in the category "Open data" and "Best project". Read more... Learn more about FRIS in our information brochure.

The five Flemish universities show how they innovate together for a better society

Van idee naar impact

The Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR) publishes the brochure From idea to impact: innovating together for a better society - How the five Flemish universities together make a difference, a realization of the VLIR working group Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) and TTO Flanders. This anthology compiles 45 success stories of university innovations that provide an answer to concrete challenges for our society. Read more...

FRIS takes part in Open Summer of Code 2021

Logo Open Summer of Code 2020

For the fourth year in a row, FRIS takes part in Open Summer of Code. This initiative offers students the necessary training, network and support for 4 weeks in July to convert open innovation projects into concrete services.

In the 2021 edition, EWI supported the "Open Talks" project to create more awareness for OSoC. By creating a communication plan, the students drew up a communication strategy and created communication templates for use on various social media (twitter, LinkedIn, facebook, instagram). They also got to work on formatting and distributing posts. The result was a dramatic increase in range, up to x 40,000 ! Read more…

Large scale research infrastructure in Flanders - Flemish participation in international research infrastructures 2020

Cover brochure

Since more than a decade, Flanders invests severely in  research infrastructure supporting its three complementary research programmes: medium-scale, large-scale and international research infrastructures. Read more here or have a look at the brochure. Currently we are preparing include research infrastructure as an additional object in FRIS. This will be visible with the new release of the FRIS research portal (expected launch in 2022).