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PACBIO; third -generation sequencing platform with Single Molecule Real Time technology (SMRT) (PACBIO)

The PacBio RS system fills an important gap in the instrumentation that is necessary to address major scientific questions in genomics. The PacBio RS is a third -generation sequencing platform with Single Molecule Real Time technology (SMRT). The sequencer introduces several new features to sequencing that are complementary with the current (second generation) sequencers that are available at the Genomics Core in Leuven and in other facilities in Flanders: It is the first instrument to detect DNA in real time. Moreover, no amplification step is required during sample preparation, because every sequence read derives from a single DNA molecule (single molecule sequencing). A further benefit is the long read length of more than 1,000 base pairs, which can currently only be achieved with conventional Sanger-based sequencing, but not by other high-throughput instruments. These long reads lead to a new quality in the sequence data for many applications. The system will enable direct RNA and epigenome sequencing. Finally, the application domains of PacBio RS go well beyond sequencing as the system has the capacity to measure the kinetics of DNA-protein interactions.

Type: Equipment
Location type: Single sited
Accessibility: Researchers knowledge institutions
In use: 11 May 2017 →  Today
Disciplines: Laboratory medicine, Medical systems biology, Molecular and cell biology, Genetics, Systems biology
Keywords: sequencer, detect DNA in real time