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Inter-University Ultra-High Field MRI centre Flanders (In2U) (In2U)

'In to you' or In2U MRI Flanders is an initiative of the 5 Flemish universities and the 4 university hospitals that aims to gain a deeper understanding of the human body, healthy and sick. MRI is undeniably a very powerful technique that is well established in the clinic and scientific research, but with the addition of an ultra-high field MRI system to the arsenal of the universities and hospitals, a new dimension is emerging. By ultra-high-field (UHF) we mean a seven tesla (7T) MRI scanner. With such a device, higher resolution images can be taken with applications in all organs. Resolution gain is not the only reason to employ a 7T MRI, much more physiological, metabolic and functional information can be measured than with conventional devices.

This infrastructure is managed by all universities and university hospitals together, thus uniting researchers who use MRI for their research and providing maximum opportunities for far-reaching collaboration.

The UHF 7T MRI system allows not only to conduct basic, clinical and contract research, but also guarantees its function as a national training center for advanced MRI applications for engineers, physicists, physicians and technologists. Also, we will join a growing and exciting international community of UHF MRI experts.

Type: Equipment
Location type: Single sited
Accessibility: Everyone
User modalities: <p> Procedure: aanvraag via wetenschappelijk comité van In2U dat oordeelt over de kwaliteit van de aanvraag en de billijke verdeling van de beschikbare onderzoek tijd (quota per deelnemende instelling) <br /> <br />Doelgroepen: ieder onderzoek dat gebruik wil maken van humaan ultra-hoogveld MRI <br /> <br />Voorwaarden: goedkeuring lokaal ethisch comité, financieringsbron OK, specifieke UHF MRI techniek op punt (UHF MRI fysici) </p>
In use: 1 Jan 2024 →  Today
Disciplines: Diagnostics not elsewhere classified, Medical biochemistry and metabolism not elsewhere classified, Diagnostic radiology, Cognitive neuroscience
Keywords: ultra-high field MRI, magnetic resonance imaging, 7T MRI