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CLARIAH-VL Open Humanities Service Infrastructure brings together and extends the portfolio of services enabling digital scholarship in the Arts and Humanities offered by DARIAH-VL with the tools and data offered through CLARINVL.

The network of Digital Humanities Research Centres at the universities of Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Leuven will be extended by the Dutch Language Institute (INT) U+2013the CLARIN-ERIC certified B-Centre for Flanders. CLARIAH-VL will implement a modular research infrastructure embedding high-quality, user-friendly tools and resources into the workflows of humanities researchers in the five focus areas of linguistics; literature; socio-economic history; media studies; ancient history and archaeology. CLARIAH-VL aims to provide sustainable services, while fostering experimental development and innovation, including infrastructural development facilitating collaboration and interaction with a non-scientific audience. CLARIAH-VL will be the Flemish contribution to the European Research

Type: Facility
Location type: Distributed
Accessibility: Researchers knowledge institutions
User modalities: https://www.dariah.eu/
In use: 1 Jan 2020 →  Today
Disciplines: Computational linguistics
Keywords: Open Service Infrastructure