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Web and Information System Engineering Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The WISE lab is a research unit of the department of Computer Science of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. It was founded in 1998 by Prof. dr. Olga De Troyer. Currently WISE comprises the research activities of Prof. Dr. Olga De Troyer and Prof. Dr. Beat Signer.

Over the years, the focus of the research evolved from traditional web and information systems to innovative and intelligible information systems.

Broadly speaking, the ...

Department of Sociology Ghent University

The department consists of five research groups: POS+ Participation, Opportunities, Structures (onderzoek naar de multidimensionale patronen van sociale participatie en uitsluiting in hedendaagse en vroegere samenlevingen), Centre for Higher Education Governance Ghent (CHEGG; research on governance in higher education), Center for Social Theory (CST; theoretical and theory-driven empirical research, organized around four major themes: 1) ...

Centre for Oncology Vrije Universiteit Brussel

General topic : The research aims a better understanding of the interaction of chemical agents with ionising radiation and/or hyperthermia Radiosensibilisation by microtubule inhibitors (Storme) Modulation of accumulation of Vinblastine and other Vincaalkaloids in MO4 cells by means of calcium entry blockers (Storme) Modulation of Cisplatin and Carboplatin toxicity and anti-tumor activity by vasco-active drugs in vivo (W. De Neve)

Research Centre for Mathematics, Education, Econometrics and Statistics (MEES), Brussels Campus KU Leuven


The Research Centre for Mathematics, Education, Econometrics and Statistics joins staff members who teach courses on mathematics, econometrics or statistics. The research of the group is rather heterogeneous and pertains to domains of mathematics (e.g., differential geometry), education (e.g, strategy choice and strategy development, numerical and mathematical cognition, problem solving, mathematics learning), econometrics (portfolio ...