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Biometry, Methodology and Quality Assurance Research Institute for Nature and Forest

The Biometrics, Methodology and Quality Assurance (BMK) team provides support to INBO employees during the various phases of the research (design, data analysis, reporting and quality assurance). In addition, we also carry out projects ourselves, often related to the design and quality assurance of monitoring networks and data analysis. We also train INBO employees about statistics in the form of lesson series and tutorials.

Biomedical Quality Assurance Research Unit KU Leuven


The research unit ‘Biomedical Quality Assurance’ focuses on the longitudinal study of various quality aspects of molecular (genetical) lab research. The research group was at the basis of the elaboration of highly important quality assessement programs for genetic diseases and oncobiomarker tests. The results of several research projects have demonstrated the importance of introducing a quality management system in diagnostic laboratories and ...

Medical Physics & Quality Assessment KU Leuven


The research activities of the Medical Physics and Quality assessment research group include ionizing as well as non-ionizing imaging modalities. Both of them are characterized by a rapid technological development and many new radiological applications.
Our activities focus on modeling of different aspects of the imaging process, optimization of radiological images, the proposal and validation of new data processing and automated quality ...

Product Quality and Innovation Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food


Optimal processing of primary agricultural products (plant and animal) into quality food, feed and non-food products is our focus, particularly dairy, meat and fish products, ready-made meals, vegetables and fruits. We study quality improvement, authenticity, nutritional and functional properties, taste, nutrition and health, detection of GMOs and allergens, valorization of secondary flows and new applications from plant biotechnology.

Aquatic Environment and Quality Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food


Using an integrated approach (long- and short-term), we study the biological, toxicological and chemical effects of pollution, exotic species, sand extraction and dredging, windmills, fisheries and protected marine areas. We also study all types of marine ecosystems. For fisheries products, we assess the genetic, biological and (bio)chemical quality by developing freshness and authenticity analyses and applying them to the products.

Patient Safety and Quality KU Leuven


Patient Safety and Quality

Our multidisciplinary team designs and facilitates research studies, organises teaching activities and delivers scientific support to society around the different domains of quality: safety, efficiency, effectiveness, timely, equity and patient centered.

Educational Quality Assurance Office Ghent University

The University of Ghent uses a denegemented sustem of educational quality assurance. The faculties are responsible for the development of internal quality control and improvement of the educational learning processes and of the curricula. They are supported in this by a centralized service.