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Motivation, Learning Processes and Training AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts

In today's society it is of great importance to continue to learn throughout life. For children, students and employees alike, it is essential to continue to develop, and to be motivated to do so. The core processes of 'learning' and 'motivation' are therefore important for every organisation, but are seldom self-evident. As an organisation you can therefore ask yourself how to strengthen these core processes. This can be done in two ways: ...

Interpersonal, Discursive and Narrative Studies(in Psychology and Educational Sciences) Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The research group IDNS started at the end of 2007 as a non-binding collaboration with the aim of developing the postmodern, social-constructionist perspective that developed within different psychological and orthopedagogical research projects theoretically and methodologically, and to develop a theoretical and methodological framework to further study psychological and orthopedagogical themes. The collaboration led to the development of its ...

Health Psychology KU Leuven

Description research unit:

Biomedical variables generally explain only a part of a person’s experience of health and illness and in many instances a novel approach including social and psychological influences is needed. The KU Leuven Research Group “Health Psychology” aims at unravelling how psychological and somatic variables interact in health and disease from a psycho-bio-social perspective. Both fundamental and applied research is ...

Brain, Body and Cognition Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The BBCO research group focuses its research on the comprehensive study of mental processes and their biological (brain and body) correlates in different domains of human functioning and behavior, such as cognition, social judgment, affect, well-being and sleep. Without doubt, the study of the brain and body, and its related mental processes is at the forefront of current research in many disciplines of psychology. Together with behavioral ...

Centre for Psychology of Learning and Experimental Psychopathology KU Leuven


Learning and memory processes in psychological function and dysfunction, in particular in relation to anxiety, depression and substance use, including:

  • - Basic and applied research on emotional changes, especially with regard to anxiety and depression.
  • - The role of classical (Pavlovian) conditioning in evaluative processes.
  • - Psychophysiological measurements with computer-assisted data processing.
  • - Basic ...

Department of Developmental, Personality and Social Psychology Ghent University

The research focuses on the synergy between fundamental and applied or policy-relevant research with target groups of normal and clinical populations of different ages. Illustrative of our policy is research on motivational processes, education and socialization; clinical research on obesity and eating disorders; research on personality, temperament and development of maladaptive traits and social psychological research on decision-making ...

Quantitative Psychology and Individual Differences KU Leuven


The Research Group Quantitative Psychology and Individual Differences focuses on the interplay between substantive-psychological research and the development of novel formal models (including associated procedures for model estimation and testing). On the basis of substantive questions new formal models are being developed; in turn, these models are estimated and tested in substantive research, and contribute there to a breeding ground for ...