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Engineering Materials and Applications Hasselt University


Expertise of the research group :

EMAP, Engineering Materials & APplications is linked to the faculty of engineering technology in the domains of electronics, electro-mechanics and electrochemical engineering. EMAP is translating different research targets from ''lab scale'' towards ''industry ready''. Its applied research topics are in close collaboration with industrial partners. The applied research is situated within five ...

Materials Physics Hasselt University


The Materials Physics Group consists out of five sub groups, in which the research activities are organised : ONE (Organic and nanostructured electronics), WBGM (Wide Band Gap Materials), BIOS (biosensors), NP (nanostructured Physics) and ELPHYC (Electrical and Physical Characterisation )

ONE : Study of structure-property relations (electro-optical properties, morphology,..) of novel organic based and nanostructured semi-conducting ...

Organic and Bio-polymer Chemistry Hasselt University


The research group ''''Organic and (Bio)Polymer Chemistry'''' (OBPC) focuses on the synthesis, characterization and applications of advanced functional (macro)molecular materials. The group encompasses several subgroups with a specific and complementary expertise, closely collaborating and operating within the spearhead research domains of the Institute for Materials Research (IMO) of Hasselt University. The group is also linked to the IMEC ...

Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis KU Leuven

Research topics from this unit are :
Sustainable and Clean Chemistry
Renewable Raw Materials for the Production of Chemicals and Energy
Supercritical Solvents
Catalysis: Heterogeneous
Immobilization of homogeneous catalysis and biocatalysis
Synthesis of catalysts (Layered Double Hydroxides, Zeolites, Mixed Oxides, Carbon Nanotubes)
Surface Analayse: Spectroscopy and Microscopy
Real Time Characterization ...

X-Lab Hasselt University


Exploratory and frontier interdisciplinar cross-over research

Institute for Materials Research Hasselt University


The Institute for Materials Research (IMO) is a research centre of Hasselt University with a vast knowledge in the field of materials science.
IMO has an integrated and intensive collaboration with IMOMEC (Institute for Materials Research in MicroElectronics), the department of IMEC (Interuniversity Micro Electronics Centre, Louvain) at the university campus in Diepenbeek.
While most of the more fundamental research is carried out ...