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Media, ICT and interpersonal relations in Organisations and Society (MIOS) University of Antwerp

MIOS is a research group within the Department of Communication Studies at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. The research team aims at analysing individuals' and organizational uses of ICT (and other media) to gain insight into (computer) mediated communication, its uses and effects, and to pursue evidence-based communication strategies and policy. The research activities of MIOS can be linked to two communication levels, which ...

Institute for Media Studies KU Leuven


The Institute for Media Studies (IMS) strives for international excellence in the research fields of both media and communication. The IMS produces innovative and critical scientific research with a focus on four domains:

  • Journalism & News
  • Strategic Communication
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Media Culture

In addition, the IMS employs its research expertise to provide quality education, to ...

Antwerp Media in Society Centre (AMSoC) University of Antwerp

The Antwerp Media in Society Centre (AMSoC) studies how media both shape and reflect society at the same time. We disentangle the complex interplay between media industry, technology, representation and use on the one hand, and relations of power, mechanisms of exclusion, and democratic politics on the other. The centre's work is rooted in a constructionist view on social reality. The starting point is that media do not merely reflect society, ...

Expertise Centre for Digital Media Hasselt University


The EDM performs research in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with a mind for possible applications in industry or society.

The core competence areas of EDM are:

  • Visual Computing, with special attention to image and video based visualization, modeling, rendering and animation
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), investigating multi-modal interaction in 3D virtual environments, context-sensitive and ...

ECHO: Research group on media, culture and politics Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The research group Echo is devoted to the study of meaning across media, culture and politics, and their intersections. The group is home to an international group of scholars working on how meaning circulates, fluctuates, and resonates in society. Echo's aim is to produce a critical and nuanced understanding of how the reproduction and contestation of meaning contributes to social, cultural and political change and continuity.

Media, Movements and Politics (M2P) University of Antwerp

The research group Media, Movements, and Politics (M²P) covers a broad but distinct field. M²P investigates different forms of political behavior both by individual actors (e.g. citizens, journalists etc.) as well as by collective actors embedded in institutions (e.g. political parties, social movements, etc.). Most research deals with the non-institutional side of politics; the group focuses on the input side of politics; on the groups and ...

Language, Media and Socialisation (LaMS) University of Antwerp

The Research group LaMS aims to study the use and the role of language from a broad communicative perspective that is developmentally oriented. The ultimate goal is to carry out fundamental research on the basis of which advice can be formulated for policy institutions as well as individuals who in their private or professional lives are dealing with developing language use. Central in the work of the research group is the perspective of the ...

Media, Arts and Design Hasselt University

MAD-research aims to develop, organize and valorize the research within PXL-MAD, visual arts programme, with great attention to media, arts, design, and society. The focus lies on research that approaches the (art)object and the image from an artistic and/or designerly methodology and/or from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Designers and artists are supported in their research in the arts and in the systematic development of methods and ...