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Research Unit Labour and Social Security Law KU Leuven


LABOUR LAW - Scope and competence of joint committees (paritaire committees) - Employment discrimination - Sexual harassment - Labor law and industrial relations in the transforming Central European countries - Ocational training - Employee participation, incl. financial participation - Employment and privacy rights - Health and safety in the work place - Sports law - Equality & the distinciton between blue & white collar workers - ...

Research Group Education and Labour Market KU Leuven


Labour market research carried out by HIVA looks at both the demand for and supply of labour, as well as the match between supply and demand and the policy implemented in this regard. The first theme covers the dynamics of the labour market in Belgium in terms of businesses, jobs and employees. The second theme deals with activation, re-employment and the support of careers and competencies. Related themes such as job migration and the ...

Departement of spatial development, environment, energy, climate, green economy, animal welfare Departement of spatial development, environment, energy, climate, green economy, animal welfare

The Environment Department has the following tasks:

  • the realization of a high-quality living environment, which makes use of various stocks and the available space in a sustainable way
  • the development of an integrated environmental policy (space, environment, nature and energy) aimed at policy preparation and implementation, support broadening, enforcement of regulations and policy evaluation
  • cooperation with ...

Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy University of Antwerp

RESEARCH FOCUS CSP research is concerned primarily with social inequality and (re)distribution in the welfare state, with main focus on the functioning and the effectiveness of social policy. Areas of special interest include i) social policy responses to the (changing) socioeconomic and demographic context, and ii) the impact of social policy on the socioeconomic circumstances of its various target groups.RESEARCH LINESThe CSP pursues three ...

Centre for Sociological Research KU Leuven


The main research topics at the Centre for Sociological Research are: work, organization, family, historic demography, population, health care, social policy, sociological theory, cultural studies, art, education, survey methodology and political opinion research.

For more information about the research topics of the different research teams belonging to this department see : - Theoretical Sociology, Sociology of culture and Sociology ...

Department of Public health Ghent University

The department of Public Health is a department of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. It focuses on education and research in the domains of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Food and Food Safety, Health Promotion and Education, Health Economics, Medical Informatics and Statistics, Nursing Science and Occupational and Environmental Health.