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Sports Policy factors Leading to International Sporting Success Vrije Universiteit Brussel

SPLISS has the ambition to establish an international center of excellence that shares knowledge on innovative high performance sport policy research with different stakeholder groups (academics & sport scientists, sport managers, policy makers, governingbodies). To achieve this, three research lines will be developed further. Firstly, a more efficient measurement tool designed to service the needs of elite sports and their stakeholders will ...

Smart and Digital Factory Sirris, the collective centre for the technological industry

Companies keen to innovate can draw on Sirris's 60 years and more of expertise in five core technological domains. We have 140 engineers, scientists and technicians exploring the possibilities created by innovative technologies. Our winning combination of the right experts, high-tech infrastructure for research, and testing and an extensive network of partners can open up the way to innovation for your company, too.

Development processes, actors and policies University of Antwerp

In today's globalised world, we conceive of development as a multi-level and multi-actor process. Development is a patchy process, pushed and pulled in different directions and unfolding in different time scales. Development policies are both part of this process and impacting on it. IOB studies the patchwork of actors and dynamics entangled in political processes in order to identify time and place bound opportunities for change towards a more ...