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Division of Geography and Tourism KU Leuven


Within the Department of Geography and Tourism spatial patterns at the surface of the earth are studied and the dynamic interaction between the (bio-) physical environment and society takes a central place.

Geography Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The ongoing research is concentrated in the fields of: 1. Human Geography: - Urban and social geography; - Urban and regional planning; - Geography of development; - Geography of Health. 2. Physical Geography: - Ice and climate; - Soil erosion and landscape studies. 3. Cartography and Geographic Information Systems.

Human Geography Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The emphasis of research in human geography is laid on the fields of urban social geography, urban and regional planning, geography of development and geography of health. During the last five years research has been finalised on: 1. Structure planning in Flanders and Vlaams-Brabant; 2. Urban renewal in Brussels; 3. Comparative atlas of European cities; 4. The provision of services for the elderly in Brussels; 5. Migration in the Brussels ...

Geography Unit Vrije Universiteit Brussel

see units FARD en MARD-Topic A : Study of slope processes, soil erosion and soil erosion mapping (Prof. M. Van Molle) -Topic B : Global Change: environmental research, climatology and climatic change, climatic and glacier modelling -Topic C : Antarctic research, Antarctic climatology and geomorphology -Topic D : Cartography and geographic information systems, theory of map projections, mapping technique, geographic information systems, ...

Department of Geography Ghent University

On the interface between exact and social sciences, we focus in our research and education on spatial patterns at the earth surface and the dynamic interaction between environment and society.A wide variety of theoretical, technical and practical aspects characterizes both the research and the education in our department.Thanks to the multidisciplinary character of our projects, we are open to national and international collaborations in ...

LICOS - Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance KU Leuven


The research team focuses on the analysis of the economics of transition, with a special emphasis on empirical testing of theory using micro economic databases. The latter include firm level data collected by means of large scale business survey data. The main research topics that we focus on include: - the analysis of firm restructuring in transition countries, using approaches from Schumpeterian growth theory. - the analysis of job ...

Research Centre of Economic History, Leuven KU Leuven


The Research Group Economic History, Leuven has two aims: (1) To analyze the macro-economic history of Flanders, Belgium and Europe from ca. 1750 until today. The task is defined broadly and includes business history and the history of economic thought. (2) Housing economics, with emphasis on the analysis of residential markets.

VIVES - Research Centre for Regional Economics KU Leuven


VIVES, the Research Centre for Regional Economics conducts fundamental and applied research on regional economics and regional economic policy to support the public debate on the economic and social development of regions, with a particular emphasis on Flanders.

The research is organised around three core themes:

  • Fiscal policy and political economics
  • Regional growth and industrial policy
  • Regional labour ...

Transport and Regional Economics University of Antwerp

The Department's lines of research are located on the interface of general and business economics. The research activities unfold within the framework of programmes instigated by the university and the authorities (regional, federal and European) as well as specific assignments from the public and private sectors. The topics covered relate to:- Freight transport: mode choice, the organisation, choice and planning of commodity flows, land ...