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Eco-epidemiology Research Group Institute of Tropical Medicine

The Eco-epidemiology Research Group is comprised of four research units performing basic and applied research at the interface between pathogen, vector, host and environment: Entomology (UE), Veterinary Helminthology (UH), Medical Helminthology and Eco-modelling (EM). In a global context, many infectious diseases continue to (re)emerge with unexpected distributions and unprecedented intensities, while other endemic diseases persist. ...

Eco-modelling Institute of Tropical Medicine


The Eco-modelling Unit aims to conduct innovative research in the field of mathematical modelling of dynamic biological systems.

Building deterministic, stochastic, individual-based and Bayesian models, we try to understand disease dynamics and interactions at the human-animal-ecosystem interface, in order to improve disease prevention and control.

Microparasites characterised by strong ‘mass action’ (among which: directly ...

Department of Biomedical Sciences Institute of Tropical Medicine

The Department of Biomedical Sciences consists of three research groups:

  • Protozoology
  • Microbiology
  • Eco-epidemiology

We are recognised around the world as experts on parasites, (myco)bacteria and viruses. Together with our colleagues in the other departments and in collaborative networks outside ITM, we constitute a multi-disciplinary critical mass with direct impact on novel prevention and intervention ...

Veterinary Helminthology Institute of Tropical Medicine


The focus of the unit lies on zoonotic helminthiasis, such as taeniasis/cysticercosis, fascioliasis, fish-borne trematodiasis, trichinellosis. It studies the factors that drive parasite interactions with their human/animal/intermediate hosts and the environment, by conducting cross-sectional and longitudinal epidemiological studies, thereby using parasitological, serological and molecular tools. The unit of veterinary helmintology ...

Entomology Institute of Tropical Medicine


Is the number of exotic mosquito in Belgium on the rise? It is one of the questions that ITM scientists are seeking to answer. Together with their partners, they monitor 23 risk sites across Belgium, places where exotic species are most likely to enter our country.

MEMO project - exotic mosquitoes in Belgium