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Mecha(tro)nic System Dynamics KU Leuven

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MUTANT: Gear Simulation Platform

NUMA, Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics Section KU Leuven

NUMERICAL APPROXIMATION AND NUMERICAL LINEAR ALGEBRA GROUP (A. Bultheel): * Fast and stable algorithms to solve many problems in mathematics connected to continued fractions, orthogonal functions, rational approximation & interpolation, etc. with applications in signal processing, linear systems, etc.. * Numerical solution of recurrence relations with continued fractions. * Fast and stable algorithms to solve structured linear systems of ...

Department of Architecture and urban planning Ghent University

At the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning research concerns various fields like Theory and History of Architecture and Urbanism; Construction Technique and Building Physics; Research by Design in Architecture, Urbanism and Urban Design; Computer Aided Design.Research topics reach from fundamental research and theoretical questions to applied and broad societal problems. As well long-term research on doctoral and postdoctoral level as ...