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Architecture and Society KU Leuven


The division ‘Architecture and Society’ stands at the crossroads between engineering and the architectural sciences on the one hand, and the humanities and social sciences on the other, and uses a broad variety of relevant methodologies from these fields in an interdisciplinary perspective. Its research ranges from theory to practice and experimentation, across all spatial scales from the building element to the territorial, and through time ...

Department of Architecture and urban planning Ghent University

At the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning research concerns various fields like Theory and History of Architecture and Urbanism; Construction Technique and Building Physics; Research by Design in Architecture, Urbanism and Urban Design; Computer Aided Design.Research topics reach from fundamental research and theoretical questions to applied and broad societal problems. As well long-term research on doctoral and postdoctoral level as ...

Architecture and Design KU Leuven


The aim of the Division Architecture and Design at the Department of Architecture is to understand and foster design as a way of knowing and means of knowledge production, within the context of scientific research, university education, and the professional practice of architecture and urbanism. Our research comprises a dialectic process of analytical investigation and operational synthesis, with a focus on creativity as a catalyst for ...

Department of Architecture KU Leuven


The Department of Architecture consists of 3 sections: Architecture and Society; Architecture and Design; Architectural Engineering.

DESIGN TEAM FOR URBAN PROJECTS (M. Smets) Reappropriation of urban voids (industrial fringes, abandoned areas, outworn infrastructures): urban design, mobility studies and project management. Case-studies for Leuven (B) (Railway area - surroundings inner dock- academic hospital, site); Rouen (F) (former ...

Faculty of Architecture and Arts Hasselt University

The faculty ARK organizes education, research and services in the disciplines of architecture and interior architecture on the one hand, research and services within the arts on the other hand. She acts within the academic context and values of the University of Hasselt.

The faculty, for its part, wants to offer a proper context to its students as well as to its teachers and researchers in order to enable all parties to develop ...

Faculty of Architecture KU Leuven


The specific research profile of the Faculty of Architecture (Architecture, Interior Architecture, Urban Planning and Spatial Design, Interior Design) is fully in line with its educational focus. In all our academic educational master programs the major focus is on design activity and the designerly thinking. Strongly future-driven, it seeks alternatives and employs imaginative power. It examines possibilities, deviating from the known and ...