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Environment and Climate Research Institute for Nature and Forest

Environmental pressures such as eutrophication, groundwater depletion, pollution and climate change partly lie behind the reduction and homogenisation of biodiversity. Sustainable conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity generally requires a reduction of environmental impact and restoration of the natural environment. The Environment and Climate team studies the interaction between environmental characteristics and biodiversity in Flemish ...

Social Competition and Law University of Antwerp

The Research Programme Social Competition and Law aims to explore relationships in labour law and in social security law. By focussing on the perspective of social competition and law, phenomena of social exploitation and exclusion can be grasped in all its dimensions and in a complex, interactive and cross-border way. This way, the Research Program wants to contribute to the search for innovative and better analyses of the function, content and ...

Optical Metrology, 3D design and Mechanics (Op3Mech) University of Antwerp

The UA-Op3Mech research group couples state-of-the-art industrial knowledge in the key areas of advanced mechanical design and industrial 3D-vision technology. The Op3Mech team members also share important expertise with respect to Computer Aided Engineering including finite element methods and optimization techniques.With the recent advances in 3D-vision technology, a strong coupling is reached between optical measurement techniques, robust ...