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Electron microscopy for materials research (EMAT) University of Antwerp

Within EMAT materials science research is performed on the following topics:- Interpretation of electron microscopy data, including EELS data- Electron tomography- Ceramic bulk materials with special properties such as superconductivity, CMR, ferroelasticity, ferroelectricity, ¿- Thin film ceramic materials with special properties.- Semiconducting materials, specifically the III-V compounds such as GaN- Metal alloys with shape memory properties; ...

Materials and Surface Science & Engineering Vrije Universiteit Brussel

There is a historical tradition in the field of materials research in Flanders, and in particular metallic materials. The research biotope is unusually versatile and includes several leading actors. Besides! The universities with extensive faculties or departments of materials science (including UGent, VUB) consist of various knowledge institutes such as OGAS, CRM, VITO, SCK and Flamac, which are active in the field of (metallic) material ...