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Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Ghent University

The faculty is characterized by a wide range of courses in medicine and health sciences and related research activities. The research at the faculty is very diverse, from fundamental (bio) medical research to translational and clinical scientific research. The faculty profiles itself strongly in the field of research and aims at a high scientific and / or social impact. Valorisation through high-quality translational and clinical research is ...

Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care Ghent University

We are integrated in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and support the contributions of the faculty to The Training in Health Equity Network (THENet).The Department participates at different levels in key advisory boards on public health, primary health care and health policy. The Department hosts the International Centre for Primary Health Care and Family Medicine - Ghent University, a WHO Collaborating Centre on PHC, and cooperate ...

Department of Public Health and Primary Care KU Leuven


The Department of Public Health and Primary Care is a multidisciplinary department with a focus on community health, best practice and health policy. The department aims at supplying health care professionals and institutions with the insights, concepts and techniques that will enable them to respond optimally to the health needs and expectations of patient and society. The department endorses the international research and policy priority of ...

Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences Hasselt University

The Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences wants to train academics who build on the future healthcare. In education, the emphasis is therefore on knowledge and ability, on knowledge and skills. The Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences chooses high-quality fundamental and applied research in a limited number of selected core domains, and believes in the added value of multidisciplinarity. Through active cooperation with the local health ...

Epidemiology and social medicine (ESOC) University of Antwerp

The work of ESOC encompasses research, academic teaching and clinical practice in the following topics: - Social Medecine - Epidemiology and medical statistics - Medical sociology and Health policy - Public health - University scientific institute for drug problems

Health Systems and Health Policy Research Group Institute of Tropical Medicine


The Health Systems & Health Policy Group aims at making health systems more people-centered, integrated, accountable, equitable and resilient. Through our research, educational and service delivery activities, we aim at improving health policies and systems so that the right to health and Universal Health Coverage is guaranteed to all people.

We contribute to policies, programmes and local health systems that lead to ...

Environment and Health KU Leuven



The Centre for Environment and Health (E&H) includes the following closely linked areas of research: (a) Occupational and Environmental Exposure and Toxicological Assessment; (b) Occupational and Environmental medicine; (c) Insurance medicine; (d) Youth Health Care; (e) Infection Prevention and Control; (f) Nutrition. The interaction between environment and health in different age groups and settings ...

Sexual and Reproductive Health Research Group Institute of Tropical Medicine

We contribute to the improvement of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) through linking scientific research, advanced education, policy support and capacity-strengthening. We focus on the broader perspective of promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights through addressing one overarching research question: “How can we improve SRH focusing on disease prevention and health promotion in a globalized world?”

We believe that ...

Department of Pathobiology, Pharmacology and Zoological Medicine Ghent University

Within our department, research is being done on the following subjects:Staphylococcus infections in rabbitsSalmonella infections in chickens, pigeons, turtlesAspergillosis in birds - Infection diseases in reptiles and amphibiansThe expertise lies mainly in the field of antibiotic resistance, with the aim of estimating the possible transfer of this resistance from animal to human and defining measures. A second hatch is a study of germ-host ...