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Centre on Inequality, Poverty, Social Exclusion and the City University of Antwerp

The research of OASeS is structured around three research tracks. The first research track 'poverty, social inequality and social exclusion' continues a long tradition of scientific and policy-oriented research on poverty and other forms of social exclusion in OASeS. This research track deals with the following themes: poverty policy and anti-poverty strategies; the relation between poverty, welfare state and migration; culture and poverty; ...

Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy University of Antwerp

RESEARCH FOCUS CSP research is concerned primarily with social inequality and (re)distribution in the welfare state, with main focus on the functioning and the effectiveness of social policy. Areas of special interest include i) social policy responses to the (changing) socioeconomic and demographic context, and ii) the impact of social policy on the socioeconomic circumstances of its various target groups.RESEARCH LINESThe CSP pursues three ...

Organisation, policy and social inequalities in health care Vrije Universiteit Brussel


to do multidisiciplinary fundamental and applied (evaluation) research in following domains international comparative health systems research comparative health services research (organisational models and interorganisational networking) the use of technologies in health care socio-economic inequalities in health patient participation knowlegde transfer methodologies between reserach and policymakers focus on innovations in health systems and ...

Research Unit Social Analysis of Security Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Interuniversity Research Group Social Security Analysis [SVA] is a collaboration between the criminologists Prof. Dr. Paul Ponsaers and Prof. Dr. Els Enhus. This research group is part of the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology (Ghent University) and the Department of Criminology (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). SVA focuses on criminological research on 'social security'. Socially, on the one hand, refers to the selection and ...

Centre for Contemporary Social History Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Topic A: Construction history in 19th-century Belgium (J.Hannes) Building cycle, state and private investments, road construction Topic B: Agricultural history (J. Hannes) Production costs, total output Topic C: Spatial & social segregation in housing (J.Hannes, P.Van den Eeckhout) Structure of house ownership in Brussels, c.1860 Topic D: Determinants of wage labour of women, c. 1900 (P.Van den Eeckhout ) Working-class family incomes, ...

Social and Cultural Psychology KU Leuven

Social and cultural psychology studies how people interactand how they think and feel about one another and about the world, both as individuals and as groups. It starts from the premise that all behavior is contextualized, and conversely, that individuals' and groups' behaviors constitute the social and cultural landscape. Our research spans a wide range of different methods and contexts, varying from controlled laboratory experiments that ...

Fundaments of Economic Thinking : Economic and Social History Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Centre for Contemporary Social History, that has been incorporated in EDSG, is currently conducting research in two distinct veins. The first line of research belongs to the well-established tradition, especially at the VUB, of "structuralist" research in social and economic history. Exploiting in particular sources that lend themselves to quantitative analysis, the focus is on the inequality of personal wealth in Belgium in the 19th ...

Social Research Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Social Research Department has since 2014 been merged with the Sociology Department. For recent information please consult the Sociology Department section.

Until 2014 the Social Research Department provided education and research on demography, sociology of the life course, sociology of labour, sociology of health and social science methodology.

Faculty of Political and Social Sciences Ghent University

The Faculty of Political and Social Sciences was established at Ghent University in 1992. Until then the Faculty was part of the Faculty of Law. The Faculty has fourdepartments: Department of Communication Sciences, Department of Political Science, Department of Sociology, Department of Conflict and Development Studies.