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Business Economics and Strategic Policy Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The department for business economics and strategic policy seeks to bridge the gap between economic academic research and the business community. The study focuses on two main themes: (1) impact of economic policy on businesses and (2) long term business strategy. 1. The effects of economic policy tools applied by government are assessed according to the following criteria: - effectiveness; - legitimacy; - economic feasibility; - ...

Department of Management Information Science and Operation Management Ghent University

The department of Business Informatics and Operations Management does research into the following subjects: methodologies to develop strategic information systems, efficiency increase of administrative processes, production policy, project management, and project scheduling.

Management University of Antwerp

The research is situated in the domain of organisation studies and strategic management, with a focus on understanding the functioning and effectiveness of organisations. All this is being analysed from different perspectives: strategy and organisation theory, human resource management, organisational psychology, organizational ecology, industrial organization, communication sciences, and more. Both in terms of theories applied and people ...

Innovation Management Hasselt University


Our research is focused on open innovation strategies. In the past, we had a narrow research focus on alliance networks and their impact on innovation performance. In recent years the focus has been broadened as a result of changing trends in innovation and entrepreneurship research. In this respect, we have a leading edge research about open innovation in Europe, resulting in a number of publications in leading international journals. We ...

Department of Management, Strategy and Innovation, Leuven KU Leuven


Research and teaching at the Department of Managerial Economics, Strategy and Innovation (MSI), Campus Leuven spans the domains of managerial economics, industrial organization, international business, innovation economics and management, political economy and entrepreneurship.

The department contributes to theoretical and empirical research on the organization of firms, industries and markets in an international context. Research is ...

Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Service Management Ghent University

The department Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Service Management executes state-of-the-art research in three areas, namely service management, innovation and entrepreneurship and general management of public and social profit organizations.

Department of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour Ghent University

The deparment consists of two research teams: 1) Strategic HRM. The setting up of HRM strategies, strategy implementation, monitoring and evaluation of strategic (HRM) plans in the framework of the relationship between Strategy, HRM and organizational performances, 2) HRM and OB, including the role of individual, team and (HRM)/organizational performance management systems and practices on organizational behavior, and finally organizational ...

Engineering Management University of Antwerp

Research is carried out in the following areas: applied technology, environmental and tech¬nology management, safety/security management, risk management, production management and operations management.- Applied technology: this research is focused on biorobotics and biomimetic sensors for robots with the aim of expanding the extent of the solution space explored by human engineers by taking inspiration from natural organisms designed by ...