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System and Software Engineering Laboratory Vrije Universiteit Brussel

There are two main lines of research in the group. The first one concerns integrated system development methodologies for distributed, reactive systems. Current research is on componential development, re-use, iteration, reverse and re-engineering. In this context, bridges are investigated between object oriented analysis and design formalisms (OMT/UML style), formal specification languages (SDL-92 style), and implementation languages (C, ...

ICT & Software Engineering Sirris, the collective centre for the technological industry

Companies keen to innovate can draw on Sirris's 60 years and more of expertise in five core technological domains. We have 140 engineers, scientists and technicians exploring the possibilities created by innovative technologies. Our winning combination of the right experts, high-tech infrastructure for research, and testing and an extensive network of partners can open up the way to innovation for your company, too.

Software Languages Lab Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Software Languages Lab is a research lab within the Department of Computer Science of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Broadly speaking, the lab is active in the domains of software engineering and programming language engineering. It is our mission to design and implement better languages to support the software engineering life cycle. This includes programming languages, design languages, meta languages, modeling languages, domain ...

Antwerp Systems and software Modelling (AnSyMo) University of Antwerp

Our world and society are shaped and governed by systems and software. Almost all devices, machines and artifacts surrounding us incorporate software to some extent. Additionally, the numerous organizations, businesses and enterprises we encounter on a daily basis could not function without software. Examples of software systems are numerous: worldwide web applications and desktop software but also embedded systems like pacemakers, cell phones, ...

Software Technology and Application Research Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The involvement of the non-computer scientist domain expert is one of the biggest challenges of today's computer science, and will become an important factor within STARLab. These domain experts are often not very familiar with formal techniques; so we must investigate methods that make those formal techniques more accessible. We should look at computer linguistics, since natural language represents a universal communication medium that ...

Electrical Engineering Technology (ESAT), Bruges Campus KU Leuven

The TC Electrical Engineering (ESAT), Bruges Campus is part of the M-Group (Mechatronics Group) at KU Leuven, Bruges Campus. The M-Group is focused on the growing demand, by builders and users, for machines and systems to more advanced and fully integrated mechatronic systems. Competences on mechatronics at the Bruges Campus were brought together to in a group of broad and highly complementary expertise. The M-Group addresses the rising unmet ...

Department of Electromechanical, Systems and Metal Engineering Ghent University

Research at EEMMECS is organized in four smaller groups. The research group Electrical Energy Laboratory EELab is active in various areas of electrical energy conversion, electrical drives (electrical machines, power electronics for drives, and control of drives), electromagnetic field calculations (development of FE software for field calculations and application to the design of electromagnetic devices), magnetic material modelling and ...

Construction engineering Hasselt University

The research activities of the research group CERG are situated within two research lines. The first research line studies the behaviour of structural components in concrete and other quasi-brittle materials. A first research topic of this research line investigates the behaviour of building components, such as masonry walls and prestressed concrete members. The focus lies on the development of finite element models which allow for assessing ...

Web and Information System Engineering Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The WISE lab is a research unit of the department of Computer Science of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. It was founded in 1998 by Prof. dr. Olga De Troyer. Currently WISE comprises the research activities of Prof. Dr. Olga De Troyer and Prof. Dr. Beat Signer.

Over the years, the focus of the research evolved from traditional web and information systems to innovative and intelligible information systems.

Broadly speaking, the ...