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HIV & Tuberculosis Institute of Tropical Medicine


The Unit of HIV/AIDS was created in 2011 and is headed by Prof. Lut Lynen (MD, internist). The unit’s field of interest is AIDS care in resource-limited settings, in particular HIV co-infections and opportunistic infections.

  • HIV co-infections (tuberculosis, hepatitis C)
  • Diagnosis and management of MDR-TB
  • Clinical decision making and guideline development
  • Models of care for HIV ...

Epidemiology and Control of HIV/STD Institute of Tropical Medicine

Unit of Epidemiology and Control of HIV/STD

The unit was established in 2005 and works very closely together with the HIV/AIDS Policy Unit led by Professor Marie Laga. The unit is led by Professor Anne Buvé.

The main research topic of the unit is the vulnerability to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among young women in sub-Saharan Africa. This includes the role of the vaginal environment and behavioural and ...