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Media, ICT and interpersonal relations in Organisations and Society (MIOS) University of Antwerp

MIOS is a research group within the Department of Communication Studies at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. The research team aims at analysing individuals' and organizational uses of ICT (and other media) to gain insight into (computer) mediated communication, its uses and effects, and to pursue evidence-based communication strategies and policy. The research activities of MIOS can be linked to two communication levels, which ...

PXL SMART ICT PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts

The PXL Smart ICT Expertise Centre researches and develops all kinds of smart applications of emerging technologies and bundles practice-based research and services at the cutting edge of IT and electronics.

PXL Smart ICT focuses on mobile technology and searches for smart solutions for objects and communities: from smart sensors, watches, phones and tablets, to smart buildings and smart cities. In doing so, the applicability and ...

Faculty Library & ICT Ghent University

Logistics service to support the faculty library & ICT infrastructure of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

ICT Applications Office Ghent University

The ICT applications office designs, develops, manages and maintains the software applications supporting the business processes related tot education, resaerch, business services and central administation throughout Ghent University.