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Department of Public Health and Primary Care KU Leuven


The Department of Public Health and Primary Care is a multidisciplinary department with a focus on community health, best practice and health policy. The department aims at supplying health care professionals and institutions with the insights, concepts and techniques that will enable them to respond optimally to the health needs and expectations of patient and society. The department endorses the international research and policy priority of ...

Laboratory of Medical Microbiology (LMM) University of Antwerp

The Laboratory of Medical Microbiology (LMM) has a world reputation in studying antibiotic use and resistance, and improving diagnostic tests. The LMM is the coordinator of several European projects, such as European Surveillance for Antimicrobial Consumption (ESAC), Genomics to Combat Resistance against Antibiotics in Community-acquired LRTI in Europe (GRACE), Translational Research on Antimicrobial resistance and Community-acquired infections ...

Department of Oral Health Sciences KU Leuven

The Oral Health Research Unit conducts research that generates and applies biomedical knowledge and technology to oral health and disease and promotes translation of this acquired expertise to oral health and oral health care.

For more information about the research topics of the different research teams belonging to this department see: Population studies in Oral Health; Biomaterials - BIOMAT; Orthdontics; Periodontology and Oral ...

Department of Dermatology Ghent University

The Clinic for Skin Diseases aims to provide high quality and contemporary qualitative dermatological care to patients within a framework that integrates scientific research, academic training and social needs in an innovative way.

Centre for Health Economics Research and Modelling of Infectious Diseases (CHERMID) University of Antwerp

The "Centre for Health Economic Research & Modelling Infectious Diseases" (CHERMID) has extensive expertise in health economics, biostatistics and mathematical models. CHERMID is multidisciplinary, currently employing 14 researchers, often with multiple backgrounds (economics, medicine, mathematics, statistics, informatics, physics, biology and (bio/commercial) engineering). CHERMID conducts both conceptual-methodological and applied ...

Department of Development and Regeneration KU Leuven


The Department of Development and Regeneration is the home of academicians involved in stem cell and developmental biology, human reproduction, pre-and postnatal development and the wider scope of regenerative medicine.

Department of Architecture KU Leuven


The Department of Architecture consists of 3 sections: Architecture and Society; Architecture and Design; Architectural Engineering.

DESIGN TEAM FOR URBAN PROJECTS (M. Smets) Reappropriation of urban voids (industrial fringes, abandoned areas, outworn infrastructures): urban design, mobility studies and project management. Case-studies for Leuven (B) (Railway area - surroundings inner dock- academic hospital, site); Rouen (F) (former ...

Laboratory of Experimental Radiotherapy KU Leuven

The Laboratory of Experimental Radiotherapy conducts studies on a wide aray of subjects such as:

  • The modulation of molecular pathways that determine radiation response and their relationship to treatment outcome
  • Clinical trials in which the combination of molecular targeted agents with ionizing radiation is being explored
  • The identification of novel biomarkers, both molecular and non-invasive imaging ...

Co-Design of Cyber-Physical Systems (Cosys-Lab) University of Antwerp

The activities of CoSys-Lab are situated in the emerging technologies of ubiquitous systems, ambient intelligence, embedded systems, sensor processing, etc. Our lab addresses software, application and system design in these domains, thereby taking care of the fact that the design of such systems inevitably must comply to constraints such as limited performance, cost, safety, energy consumption, and so on. To focus its research activities, ...