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Physical Chemistry and Polymer Science Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Objectives The research activities of FYSC are focused on '(molecular and supramolecular) structure - processing - property' relations in polymers for developing materials with improved performance. An important collection of analytical techniques and characterization procedures is available for this purpose. New macromolecular microstructures are designed by polymer synthesis in collaboration with external partners. A contribution to the ...

Soft Matter, Rheology and Technology Section KU Leuven

The aim of the Soft Matter, Rheology and Technology (SMaRT) division is to foster and conduct research on soft matter and the rheology of complex fluids on a fundamental level as well as their application to technical processes. Such complex fluids span a wide range of materials, including polymer solutions, melts and blends, emulsions, colloidal dispersions, surfactant solutions, etc.

A characteristic feature of such complex fluids and ...

Molecular Imaging and Photonics KU Leuven


Fundamental properties of the electronic excited state and of the use of this basic knowledge in different physical and physicochemical problems . - Intra- and intermolecular interactions in the electronic excited state. - Photochemistry and photophysics of ordered systems such as micelles, inverse micelles and membranes. Stabilization of ordered systems through polymerization. - Adsorption of organic molecules at surfaces and the influence ...