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Department of Mathematics: Algebra and Geometry Ghent University

The research of the department is situated in the area of fundamental mathematics, more precisely in algebra and geometry. Some of the central themes of our research are: (1) finding connections between group theory and non-associative algebraic structures; (2) the study of Tits buildings and related geometrical objects; (3) the study of topological groups acting on geometrical structures; (4) the study of exceptional groups (including the ...

Algebra KU Leuven



1) Study of the number of solutions of polynomial equations in several variables over finite fields and residue class rings, with emphasis on the relation to geometric and topological invariants of the equations, Igusa's local zeta function, p-adic exponential sums.

2) Connections between (1) and the theory of singularities, resolution of singularities, Log Minimal Model Program, topological ...

Mathematics-TW Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The main research topics of the department WISK are: 1. p-adic analysis The functions studied in the mathematical analysis have real and complex values. One can replace the real or complex numbers by other numbers: the p-adic numbers (p is a prime). These numbers have properties that are rather different from the properties of real numbers. For instance when calculating with p-adic numbers rounding errors do not occur. The analysis built on ...