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Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy Vrije Universiteit Brussel


KFAR focuses on two lines of research: 1) hypertension and 2) clinical pharmacological and clinical pharmaceutical research. KFAR is part of the research cluster "Center for Cardiovascular Disease".

Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy KU Leuven


The area of interest of the research group Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy is the safe and efficient use of medicinal products – including small molecules, biologicals and vaccines – in humans.

Pharmacology Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The department Pharmacology is mainly developing research activities in the domain of Neuro-immuno-endocrinology: 1. Development and differentiation of pituitary cells; 2. Regulation and quantification of PRL gene expression, transcription, translation; 3. Purification and characterisation of PRL cell (sub) populations; 4. Pathogenesis of pituitary gland tumours; 5. Role of PRL and GH in the lymphohemopoietic system. 6. PRL receptor ...

Department of Pharmacology Ghent University

Within the department there are three research groups: Gastrointestinal neuropharmacology Clinical Pharmacology Cardiovascular Physiology

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy University of Antwerp

At the laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy research is focused on following topics:* Optimisation of the bioavailability of ocular dosage formsSeveral new dosage forms such as biodegradable colloidal carrier systems, mucoadhesive nanoparticles and bioadhesive minitablets are developed in order to improve the therapeutic effects of antibiotics. The influence of the composition, preparation method and sterilisation on the ...

Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences KU Leuven


The Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences researches a broad range of subjects spanning the entire drug discovery and development process, carries out studies on the use of medicinal products in society and guides practitioners in the field. Major areas of research are: target validation - drug discovery - medicinal chemistry - retrovirology - gene therapy - therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies - biocrystallography - ...