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Pharmaceutical Analysis KU Leuven


The laboratory develops methods for analysis of drugs. The techniques used are mainly chromatography and electrophoresis. The drugs studied are mainly antibiotics.

Department of Pharmaceutical analysis Ghent University

The department consists of four departments: laboratory of pharmaceutical microbiology (LPM), laboratory of pharmaceutical process analytical technology, laboratory of radiopharmacy, laboratory of drug quality and registration (DruQuaR)

Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Drug Analysis and Drug Information Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Within the FASC department two research groups are active. The research group « Experimental Neuropharmacology » is involved in in vivo neurochemistry, neuropharmacology and pharmacokinetics in animal models of a number of neurological disorders. The group is particularly interested in Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, focal transient brain ischemia and more recently cognitive decline and depression. The aim is to study the pathophysiological ...

Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences KU Leuven


The Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences researches a broad range of subjects spanning the entire drug discovery and development process, carries out studies on the use of medicinal products in society and guides practitioners in the field. Major areas of research are: target validation - drug discovery - medicinal chemistry - retrovirology - gene therapy - therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies - biocrystallography - ...

Analytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The department consists of two research groups. The main subject of the first (Analytical chemistry) is chemometrics, the application of mathematical and statistical methods to chemical data. This includes both fundamental and more applied work. The fundamental work involves for instance the development of more robust neural networks, variable selection in conjunction with partial least squares or wavelet signal processing that can be applied ...

Brussels (Bio)Pharmaceutical Analysis Research Group Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Biopharmaceuticals represent one of the fastest growing classes of new drug molecules. New synthetic strategies to reduce the rapid metabolism of peptides, along with the availability of new formulation and delivery technologies, resulted in an increased marketing of peptide drug products. Also the identification and analysis of biomarkers for various diseases is becoming increasingly important.

In this regard, the development ...

Natural Products and Food - Research and Analysis (NatuRA) University of Antwerp

The consortium on Natural Products & Food Research and Analysis has a unique expertise in Flanders in the areas of: (1) method development and validation for quality control of herbal medicinal products and food supplements, (2) fundamental research on medicinal plants, (3) identification of biologically active compounds in food and (4) active drug metabolite profiling. NatuRA combines the complementary expertise of three research teams at ...