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Plant and Ecosystems (PLECO) - Ecology in a time of change University of Antwerp

The research group of Plant and Vegetation Ecology (PLECO) has an extensive and long-standing experience with the study of a wide range of subdisciplines in the domain of ecology, in particular the ecology of plants and vegetations. The continuum of different spatial scales is being bridged, ranging from the individual plant, over populations and plant communities (vegetations) to entire landscapes and regions. The present research (and ...

Plant Sciences Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Plant Sciences studies agriculture, horticulture, energy crops and ornamentals. We study gene characteristics, plant reactions to environmental factors, population diversity, soil characteristics, and plant diseases and plagues. We breed new cultivars and innovate in crop protection and crop husbandry. The four research areas are Applied Genetics and Breeding, Crop Husbandry and Environment, Crop Protection, and Growth and Development.

Species Diversity Research Institute for Nature and Forest

In order to monitor the condition of plants and animals (Natura 2000, Water Framework Directive, Red Lists, etc.) in Flanders in a thorough scientific manner, the Species Diversity research group develops new monitoring networks and optimises existing networks. The group also coordinates the annual collection of data for these networks. ...

Data Research Institute for Nature and Forest