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Mechanics of Materials and Constructions Vrije Universiteit Brussel


In the Department of 'Mechanics of Materials and Constructions' (MEMC) fundamental and applied research is developed on the following themes: 1. Durability - Reliability of polymer based composite systems; 2. Mixed numerical-experimental techniques or inverse methods; 3. Mineral polymers and their composites; 4. Damage mechanics on material and structural levels; 5. Non-destructive testing and experimental mechanics; 6. Design and analysis of ...

Sustainable Chemical Process Technology, Diepenbeek Campus KU Leuven

Lab4U performs research on the development of new technologies and their implementation in existing (bio) chemical processes aiming a transformation from batch to flow. The research group focuses on characterization, development and control of chemical reactors and separation units. Keywords include ultrasound and alternative energy, process intensification, green chemicals, milli-flow reactors, separation processes and inline process ...