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Applied mathematics University of Antwerp

The research topic of our group is the development, analysis and application of numerical methods. Here our main focus is on time-dependent partial differential equations - PDEs, for short. PDEs are of key importance in mathematics and a broad variety of application areas. The mathematical models in present-day science and engineering almost always have multiple underlying variables, leading to PDEs that are multidimensional. In our research, we ...

Fundamental Mathematics University of Antwerp

The research group of Fundamental Mathematics in Antwerp covers a broad range of research fields from algebra over geometry to analysis. In more detail, the research areas represented by the professors and their research teams are:- Karim Becher:Quadratic forms, field arithmetic, central simple algebras, Brauer groups, linear algebraic groups.- David Eelbode:Conformally invariant operators, representation theory, spin groups, Clifford analysis.- ...

Computational mathematics Hasselt University


Mathematical modelling and analysis of processes encountered in the engineering (such as energy, environment, building), technical systems, geosystems, biosystems
Development and analysis of numerical schemes for (ordinary and partial) differential equations such as finite element, finite volume, or discontinuous Galerkin schemes
Development and analysis of iterative/linearization methods

Research Centre for Mathematics, Education, Econometrics and Statistics (MEES), Brussels Campus KU Leuven


The Research Centre for Mathematics, Education, Econometrics and Statistics joins staff members who teach courses on mathematics, econometrics or statistics. The research of the group is rather heterogeneous and pertains to domains of mathematics (e.g., differential geometry), education (e.g, strategy choice and strategy development, numerical and mathematical cognition, problem solving, mathematics learning), econometrics (portfolio ...

Department of Mathematics KU Leuven


For more information about the research topics of the different research teams belonging to this department see: - Division for geometry - Division for algebra and topology - Division for analysis - Center for plasma astrophysics - Division for applied mathematics - Division for pure and applied differential geometry

Department of Mathematics: Analysis, Logic and Discrete Mathematics Ghent University

Within the analysis track we work on harmonic analysis, functional analysis, partial differential equations, operator theory, asymptotic analysis and non-standard analysis. The research in functional analysis focuses on the study of function spaces, functional inequalities and generalized functions. Generalized functions are examined both in a linear and in a non-linear context, often using Fourier analysis, shear theory, complex analysis and ...

Mathematics, Kulak Kortrijk Campus KU Leuven


Research topics of this research unit are:

• Crystallographic and Bieberbach groups and their generalizations, both from an algebraic and geometrical point of view.
• Affine and polynomial structures for (virtual) polycyclic groups, conceptual and computational aspects and applications
• Group actions on varieties, algebraic topological and geometric characteristics.
• Topological fixed point theory.
• ...

Applied Mathematics Vrije Universiteit Brussel

This research unit has two permanent members: U. Einmahl (Probability and Mathematical Statistics) and T.Kadankova (Stochastic processes and their applications). The other two members, J. Dony (postdoc) and A. Van Messem (Ph. D. Student), do research in mathematical and applied statistics. The research by Uwe Einmahl focuses on limit theorems of probability in general spaces. Classical probability theory deals mainly with random variables ...

Digital Mathematics Vrije Universiteit Brussel

DIMA specializes in discrete and continuous techniques for data science. We focus in particular on the mathematical foundations for digital data acquisition, representation, analysis, communication and security.

Research Tracks:

  • Discrete mathematics
  • Harmonic and wavelet analysis
  • Sparse representations and other dimensionality reduction techniques
  • Fractional stochastic processes
  • Mathematical and ...