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Department of Materials Engineering KU Leuven


The Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (MTM: Metaalkunde en Toegepaste Materiaalkunde) is dedicated to both fundamental and application-oriented research in metals, ceramics, polymers, and in composite materials. Its strength lies in the multi-method approach at the levels of elaboration and processing, of characterization, and of evaluation of the functional behavior of materials. The aim is, starting from fundamental ...

Bulk and Surface Engineering of Materials Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The broad research area of the present JRG is Materials Science and Engineering. More specifically, it aims at strengthening and broadening the numerous current collaborations between materials science and materials engineering in both institutions.
The originality of the present consortium is primarily that it encompasses both surface and bulk aspects since linking those two scales is crucial in the development of innovative materials. ...

Engineering Materials and Applications Hasselt University


Expertise of the research group :

EMAP, Engineering Materials & APplications is linked to the faculty of engineering technology in the domains of electronics, electro-mechanics and electrochemical engineering. EMAP is translating different research targets from ''lab scale'' towards ''industry ready''. Its applied research topics are in close collaboration with industrial partners. The applied research is situated within five ...

Materials and Surface Science & Engineering Vrije Universiteit Brussel

There is a historical tradition in the field of materials research in Flanders, and in particular metallic materials. The research biotope is unusually versatile and includes several leading actors. Besides! The universities with extensive faculties or departments of materials science (including UGent, VUB) consist of various knowledge institutes such as OGAS, CRM, VITO, SCK and Flamac, which are active in the field of (metallic) material ...

Department of Structural Engineering and Building Materials Ghent University

The Department of Structural Engineering consists of three research groups, namelyThe Magnel Laboratory is the largest Belgian research centre in the field of concrete technology and concrete structures and has a vast and widely-spread international recognition. It disposes of extensive experimental testing facilities and infrastructures, among which the large strong floor for executing load tests on large-scale elements is a unique instrument. ...

Chemical Engineering, Kulak Kortrijk Campus KU Leuven


Research topics of this unit are:

• Surface chemistry of cellulose, starch and chitin nanoparticles and their macroscopic natural fibers / granules

• Self-structuring of cellulose, starch and chitin nanoparticles
• Thermodynamic interactions on surfaces, between nanoparticles, between polymers, and all possible combinations
• Development of (nano) materials based on renewable raw materials
• Aerogels and ...

Faculty of Engineering Technology Hasselt University

The Faculty of Engineering Technology of Hasselt University is a young faculty established in 2013 when the industrial science programmes of the university colleges were integrated into the universities.
The Bachelor and Master programmes in Engineering Technology are organised in collaboration with KU Leuven.
The Bachelor programme is a multidisciplinary basic programme with the primary purpose to lead on to the ...