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Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering Ghent University

The Department MaTCh is actively involved in a wide range of Research TopicsChemical EngineeringTextiles science and engineeringMechanics of Materials and StructuresPolymers and Materials TechnologiesSustainable Materials ScienceIndustrial Catalysis and Adsorption Technology

Mechanics of Materials and Constructions Vrije Universiteit Brussel


In the Department of 'Mechanics of Materials and Constructions' (MEMC) fundamental and applied research is developed on the following themes: 1. Durability - Reliability of polymer based composite systems; 2. Mixed numerical-experimental techniques or inverse methods; 3. Mineral polymers and their composites; 4. Damage mechanics on material and structural levels; 5. Non-destructive testing and experimental mechanics; 6. Design and analysis of ...

Materials Physics Hasselt University


The Materials Physics Group consists out of five sub groups, in which the research activities are organised : ONE (Organic and nanostructured electronics), WBGM (Wide Band Gap Materials), BIOS (biosensors), NP (nanostructured Physics) and ELPHYC (Electrical and Physical Characterisation )

ONE : Study of structure-property relations (electro-optical properties, morphology,..) of novel organic based and nanostructured semi-conducting ...

Metallurgy, Electrochemistry and Materials Science Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The research activities of the Department of Metallurgy, Electrochemistry and Materials Science are mainly oriented towards surface engineering of materials. This implies the study of surface treatments to tailor the surface properties: mechanical, electrical, catalytic, optical and corrosion properties and the use of surface analytical techniques for characterisation of surfaces and interfaces before and after surface treatments. The study ...

Materials Technology, Ghent and Aalst Technology Campuses KU Leuven


The activities of the research unit Mechanics of Materials, Products and Processes (MeM2P) at Campus Gent are aimed at gaining a better understanding of the mechanical behavior of materials in industrial applications. This is done by devising new experimental methods based on optical techniques, especially DIC (using own developed code) on the one hand and new numerical techniques that facilitate the identification of this behavior (using ...

Electron microscopy for materials research (EMAT) University of Antwerp

Within EMAT materials science research is performed on the following topics:- Interpretation of electron microscopy data, including EELS data- Electron tomography- Ceramic bulk materials with special properties such as superconductivity, CMR, ferroelasticity, ferroelectricity, ¿- Thin film ceramic materials with special properties.- Semiconducting materials, specifically the III-V compounds such as GaN- Metal alloys with shape memory properties; ...

Materials and Chemistry Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Department 'Materials and Chemistry' (MACH) of the Faculty of Engineering of the VUB, combines the research units 'Physical Chemistry and Polymer Science' (FYSC), the 'High Resolution NMR Centre' (HNMR) and 'Electrochemical and Surface Engineering' (SURF). FYSC research activities are focused on '(molecular and supramolecular) structure - processing - property' relations in polymers for developing multi-functional materials with improved ...