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Flanders Marine Institute Flanders Marine Institute

Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) is an autonomous institute with the legal status of a non-profit organisation and was founded in 1999. VLIZ is the coordination and information platform for marine scientific research in Flanders, is a node for marine and coastal research and acts as an international contact point.

The tasks of VLIZ can be summarised as follows:
- Coordination and management of research infrastructure: ...

Research Unit of Systematic Theology and the Study of Religions KU Leuven


In agreement with tradition, the scientific research conducted by the Research Unit Systematic Theology and the Study of Religions takes place from within a hermeneutical-theological perspective. This results in a historically founded and systematic-theologically explored reflection on the religious experience and expressions of Christians and Christian communities, both past and present. Special attention is paid to the different ...

Laboratory for Cytogenetics and Genome Research KU Leuven


The Laboratory for Cytogenetics and Genome Research has three focus areas. First, the laboratory is at the forefront of genomic technology development and implementation. During the last five years, the laboratory focused on implementing array CGH in molecular diagnostics and on novel applications of array CGH. A major area of attention is the detection of genome wide CNV and SNP detection in single cells. Currently, the laboratory is ...

Flanders Hydraulics Research Flanders Hydraulics Research


For more than 85 years, Flanders Hydraulics Research (FHR) has been a centre of expertise for research and advice on hydraulic, nautical, sediment-related and hydrological topics. As a scientific institute and technical support service, we are a division of the department of Mobility and Public Works of the Government of Flanders. Flanders Hydraulics Research supports the preparation and execution of the policy of the Government of Flanders ...

Laboratory of Growth Control and Cancer Research (VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology) KU Leuven


The Laboratory of Growth Control and Cancer Research conducts reasearch on the mechanisms that control organ size. Currently they focus on three main topics: 1) How mechanical forces regulate cellular behavior and the Hippo pathway, 2) The regulation of cell competition and the role of the Hippo pathway therein, and 3) The role of the Hippo pathway in cancer cell dormancy. These three projects are highly related and interconnected and aim at ...

Nephrology and Renal Transplantation Research Group KU Leuven


Patient-oriented research of factors impacting on the long term outcome of patients with chronic nephropathies both before and after starting renal replacement therapy. - Mechanisms underlying the inititiation and progression of glomerular diseases. * Evaluation of new methods to follow long term renal function in men. *Role of chronic hyperfiltration - effect of pharmacological interventions. * Role of persisting proteinuria. * Place of ...