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Health Systems and Health Policy Research Group Institute of Tropical Medicine


The Health Systems & Health Policy Group aims at making health systems more people-centered, integrated, accountable, equitable and resilient. Through our research, educational and service delivery activities, we aim at improving health policies and systems so that the right to health and Universal Health Coverage is guaranteed to all people.

We contribute to policies, programmes and local health systems that lead to ...

Public Health Psychiatry KU Leuven


The Center studies (longitudinal) patterns of mental illness and emotional wellbeing in societies worldwide, using large epidemiological population-representative samples and complex statistical modelling. The CPHP contributes to the etiopathogenesis and structure of common mental disorders and low-prevalent conditions (such as suicidal thoughts and behaviors) by studying temporal patterns of prevalence, incidence, and persistence of ...

Physical Activity, Sports & Health Research Group KU Leuven

The Physical Activity, Sports & Health research group conducts research with societal impact on the health, physical fitness and sports performance of individuals and groups across the lifespan. Two research lines can be identified:

1) Physical Activity for Fitness and Health research line

Research topics within the Physical Activity for Fitness and Health research line are guided by the Behavioural Epidemiology ...

Interuniversity Centre For Health Economics Research Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Research within I-CHER will focus on topics in the following research areas:

1. Health-economic evaluations (costs and benefits of medicines and medical technologies);
2. Health and business economics aspects of hospital policy
3. Health-economic aspects of physical exercise, nutrition, healthy lifestyle and preventive health care in general
4. Health-economic aspects of various organizational models and medical care ...

Health Policy Institute of Tropical Medicine


The Unit of Health Policy belongs to the Public Health Department at ITM. The Unit, established in 2013, is led by Professor Wim Van Damme and consists of a multidisciplinary team (medicine, public health, political science, law).

The unit is developing a strong institutional collaboration with the School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape (Cape Town, South Africa), where Wim Van Damme held a SARChI chair ...

Complexity and Health Institute of Tropical Medicine

The Health Systems Unit currently focuses on the following research lines:

Strategic management of local health systems
  • Research on innovative stewardship and governance arrangements to ensure public accountability. Projects include Participation for local action, with Sheshadri and Prashanth NS (Vivekananda Tribal Health Centre, BR Hills, Karnataka, India)
  • Leadership and decision-making (including complex and distributed ...