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Literary Studies Research Unit, Leuven KU Leuven


The Literary Studies Research Unit, Leuven, consists of the following six research groups:

  • Dutch Literature, Leuven
  • English Literature, Leuven
  • German Literature, Leuven
  • French, Italian and Spanish Literature, Leuven
  • Literary Theory and Cultural Studies, Leuven
  • Latin Literature, Leuven

Literary Studies Research Unit KU Leuven


This Research Unit contains the groups "Dutch Literature", "German Literature", "French, Italian and Spanish Literature", "General Literature Science and Culteral Studies" and "Latin Literature".

Antwerp Centre for Digital humanities and literary Criticism (ACDC) University of Antwerp

The analysis and interpretation of texts constitute a central research focus in literary studies. At this moment Humanities research is increasingly being enhanced by means of automation (Digital Humanities). In addition to 'close reading' this development also enables 'distant reading', an umbrella term for new methods of digital text analysis which allow humanities researchers to discover not only micro- but also macrophilological phenomena, ...

Literary Studies Research Unit, Brussels Campus KU Leuven


The Literary Studies Research Unit, Campus Brussels, consists of the following four research groups:

  • Dutch Literature, Campus Brussels
  • English Literature, Campus Brussels
  • German Literature, Campus Brussels
  • French, Italian and Spanish Literature, Campus Brussels

Department of Literary Studies Ghent University

The Literature Department clusters literary research across different disciplines: Greek, Latin, French, Dutch, German, English, Italian, Spanish and a number of Scandinavian languages. Its researchers also study comparative literature focussing on a number of topics such as book and genre studies, cultural memory, identity and interculturality, digital humanities, narratology and rhetorics.

Centre for Literary and Intermedial Crossings Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Centre for Literary and Intermedial Crossings brings together researchers in the field of literary, theatre and performance studies. CLIC offers scholars an interdisciplinary network to stimulate research along three key concepts: media, genres and spaces. MEDIA Literature, theatre and performance traditionally belong to specific medial systems. However, these systems often interact in hybrid, intermedial ways. Definitions of ...