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Institute for Labour Law KU Leuven


The Institute is part of the Faculty of Law and is a subdivision of the unit ‘Labour Law and Social Security Law’. The unit’s mission is to produce and involve in:

  • fundamental research that conforms with the highest scientific standards;
  • research of high quality with relevance for legal practice and policy;
  • education and training in the unit’s relevant fields, with the aim to provide the most recent, research based ...

Centre for Labour Law Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Research in the field of national, European and international law Juridical aspects of privatized arbitration labour: the role of outplacement in the unemployment question The juridical statute of the professional sportsman The juridical statute of the homeworker Analysis of a bill concerning Corporations with a social purpose Towards a Charter of the Social Insured Social law and the constitutional reformation: problems and perspectives ...

Research Unit Labour and Social Security Law KU Leuven


LABOUR LAW - Scope and competence of joint committees (paritaire committees) - Employment discrimination - Sexual harassment - Labor law and industrial relations in the transforming Central European countries - Ocational training - Employee participation, incl. financial participation - Employment and privacy rights - Health and safety in the work place - Sports law - Equality & the distinciton between blue & white collar workers - ...

Social Law Vrije Universiteit Brussel

SORE develops research on labour law and social security law in the national, European and international context. 1. In the field of labour law, the main areas of research are Labour contracts; Workers participation; - Collective bargaining; - Trade union freedom; - European trade unionism; - Fundamental social rights; - European labour relations; - Conflict of laws. 2. In the field of social security law main areas of research are old age ...

Social Competition and Law University of Antwerp

The Research Programme Social Competition and Law aims to explore relationships in labour law and in social security law. By focussing on the perspective of social competition and law, phenomena of social exploitation and exclusion can be grasped in all its dimensions and in a complex, interactive and cross-border way. This way, the Research Program wants to contribute to the search for innovative and better analyses of the function, content and ...

Faculty of Law KU Leuven

The faculty of jurisprudence exsists of an academic teachter training voor Jurisprudence and Crimilogical science and the research units ", "Labour and Social Security Law", "Economic Law", "International and European Law", "Civil Law", "Public Law", "Roman Law and Legal," "Criminal Law", "IT & IP Law" and " Interfaculty interdisciplinary centre for Law ".

Centre for Government and Law Hasselt University

The Centre for Government and Law (CORe) was founded in 2008. This young research group conducts fundamental and applied research within the broad spectrum of public law. Much attention is given to the legal protection of citizens against government action. Furthermore research is focused on alternative forms of dispute resolution when conflicts arise, such as negotiation and mediation. The focus on public law truly reflects the increasing ...

Institute for Social Law KU Leuven


The main task of the Institute is to conduct scientific research in the field of social security law in its broadest sense. Approximately 20 researchers are employed.

The Institute for Social Law is one of the two research institutes within the department of Labor Law and Social Security Law.