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Leuven Centre on Information and Communication Technology KU Leuven


The LICT Center bundles the complementary expertise of (electronic) engineers, computer scientists, sociologists and law experts all active in the area of ICT, being it hardware, software, or related legal and social aspects.

The research activities of the center can be classified in 8 research lines.

- Analog, Mixed-Signal & RF building blocks

- Circuits & Systems for Sensing & Communications

- ...

Department of Telecommunications and information processing Ghent University

The department consists of the following research groupsDatabase Document and Content Management: Digital information sources are growing tremendously. 'Big Data' sets which are too large or too complex cannot be efficiently handled by traditional information management systems. More and more organizations nowadays put large efforts in efficiently collecting, organizing and managing their data. DDCM research aims to support these efforts by ...

Multidimensional signal processing and communication Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The IRIS RESEARCH GROUP was founded in December 21, 1988. Image/video processing and machine vision always have been and remain central research activities. Our motivation is to stay ahead of the obvious R&D tendencies, which drives us towards in depth fundamental research. Our mission statement is to impact on the transformation processes of the knowledge society, which keeps us alert to continuously update our strategic R&D agenda ...

Communication Sciences Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The department for Communication Sciences (SCOM) consists of three research units: - Centre for Media Sociology (CeMeSo) - Studies on Media Information and Telecommunication (SMIT) - Centre for Marketing Communication Research (MACO) Those research centres are covering five different, but interrelated research angles:

  1. Media sociology (CeMeSo);
  2. Persuasion and Communication (MACO);
  3. Media- and multimedia policy ...

Department of Communication Sciences Ghent University

The department consists of five research centres: Center for Persuasive Communication (CEPEC; research on Communication Management), Centre for Cinema and Media Studies (CIMS; research on the role that screen and media culture plays in disseminating tastes, values and ideology in society), Center for Journalism Studies (CJS; research on recent developments within the field of journalism and education about U+2018journalism studiesU+2019), Media, ...

Studies in Media, Innovation and Technology Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The research centre for Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication was set up in 1990 by Prof. Dr. Jean-Claude Burgelman at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, within the department of Communication Studies. In 2000, Prof. Dr. Caroline Pauwels became director of the centre. SMIT research focuses on socio-economic and policy aspects of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and underlying infrastructures. It combines both ...

Electrical Engineering Technology (ESAT), De Nayer (Sint-Katelijne-Waver) Campus KU Leuven

The research goal is applying state-of-the-art computer vision techniques as a solution for industry-specific vision problems. In order to meet stringent execution speed, energy footprint, costand price requirements, the developed algorithms are implemented and optimized on embedded systems, such as GPUs, DSPs and FPGAs.

Software Technology and Application Research Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The involvement of the non-computer scientist domain expert is one of the biggest challenges of today's computer science, and will become an important factor within STARLab. These domain experts are often not very familiar with formal techniques; so we must investigate methods that make those formal techniques more accessible. We should look at computer linguistics, since natural language represents a universal communication medium that ...