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Centre on Inequality, Poverty, Social Exclusion and the City University of Antwerp

The research of OASeS is structured around three research tracks. The first research track 'poverty, social inequality and social exclusion' continues a long tradition of scientific and policy-oriented research on poverty and other forms of social exclusion in OASeS. This research track deals with the following themes: poverty policy and anti-poverty strategies; the relation between poverty, welfare state and migration; culture and poverty; ...

Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy University of Antwerp

RESEARCH FOCUS CSP research is concerned primarily with social inequality and (re)distribution in the welfare state, with main focus on the functioning and the effectiveness of social policy. Areas of special interest include i) social policy responses to the (changing) socioeconomic and demographic context, and ii) the impact of social policy on the socioeconomic circumstances of its various target groups.RESEARCH LINESThe CSP pursues three ...

Department of Economics, Leuven KU Leuven


1.ECONOMETRICS:*Empirical economic models: country models, global models , specification, estimation & simulation.*Consumer demand: systems of demand functions for economies as a whole and for groups of products. *Portfolio models: descriptive models for financial investment.*New technology & employment: microeconomic impact of technological change on employment.*Labor contracts: the allocation of risk over partners & ...