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Laboratory for Human Evolutionary Genetics KU Leuven


Our research group is interested in human evolution and evolutionary population genetics in the broadest sense. We work on questions relating global genetic population structure with evolutionary processes such as selection, drift, migrations and admixture. We use evidence from modern and ancient genomes to study genetic changes taking place over time and space.

Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity Conservation KU Leuven


LABORATORY OF AQUATIC ECOLOGY (F. Ollevier, L. Brendonck, L. De Meester, R. Stoks, F. Volckaert) - Aquatic ecology and biodiversity including population genetics & evolutionary genetics of aquatic vertebrates & invertebrates. - Fish diseases (parasites, bacteria) and aquatic microbiology. - Management of aquatic ecosystems (trophical cascade) in relation with eutrophication. - Ecophysiology related with aquaculture, reproduction. - ...

Human Genome Laboratory KU Leuven

The mission of the Human Genome Laboratory is to detect, characterize and treat clinically important mutations. The strategy of the group is based on the mining of the unique patient material available through our collaboration with the clinical groups of the Center for Human Genetics, KULeuven.
This group focuses on three different lines of investigations. The first aims at the characterization of molecular processes involved in the ...

Institute for Human Rights KU Leuven

Activities within the Institute focus on research and education in International and European Human Rights Law, with a particular focus on the law of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Department of Human Genetics KU Leuven


The core business of the Center for Human Genetics is human and developmental genetics, neurogenetics and cancer genetics. For this reason we have chosen to structure the department around these three pillars by means of research programmes, headed by a program director.

Brussels Platform for Digital Humanities Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The digitization of information sources and research methods exerts an ever increasing influence on the various disciplines within the domain of Literature and Philosophy. For several years, researchers have clustered internationally around the emerging field of "Digital Humanities" (DH) to investigate how the technological development of new digital resource series and research methods can broaden and renew the domain of Arts and Philosophy. ...

Centre for Ethics and Humanism Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The members of the Center conduct fundamental research on subjects that fall under the umbrella theme of enlightenment and contemporary humanism. More specifically, the inquiry relates to:

- the historical enlightenment and its current meaning;
- the evolution of humanistic thinking, with particular attention to:

- the pragmatic and hermeneutical input on that domain
- current issues such as dealing with the other ...