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Institute for Human Rights KU Leuven

Activities within the Institute focus on research and education in International and European Human Rights Law, with a particular focus on the law of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Kinanthropometry Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Kinanthropometry is primarily oriented in human biology, studying human size, shape, proportion, body composition, maturation and gross function, to help understanding human movement in the context of growth, exercise, performance and nutrition. The main emphasis of the research carried out currently is related to the continuation of LEGS, called LEGS II. The purposes of the project are: (a) study of the tracking of health and performance ...

Instructional Psychology and Technology KU Leuven


The CIP&T investigates learning and teaching in specific subject domains, esp. in mathematics. Emphasis is put on the role of cognitive, metacognitive as well as affective variables in the teaching/learning process. This research takes place in ecologically valid settings and uses a diversity of quantitative and qualitative methods, including design experiments aimed at the construction and validation of powerful learning environments. In ...

Constrained Systems Lab (CoSys-Lab) University of Antwerp

The activities of CoSys-Lab are situated in the emerging technologies of ubiquitous systems, ambient intelligence, embedded systems, sensor processing, etc. Our lab addresses software, application and system design in these domains, thereby taking care of the fact that the design of such systems inevitably must comply to constraints such as limited performance, cost, safety, energy consumption, and so on.To focus its research activities, ...

Research Group for Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation KU Leuven


The aim of the Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation research group (MSR) is to advance the evaluation and therapeutic intervention for musculoskeletal disorders of different target populations including (elite) athletes, people with spinal pain, and the frail elderly. The applied and translational research of the MSR group contributes in particular to the understanding of neuromuscular and proprioceptive control of human posture and movement in ...

Rehabilitation Sciences, Bruges Campus KU Leuven

Research is aimed at understanding movement deficits as well as the human rehabilitation potential and ability to prevent further morbidity.