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Laboratory of Endothelial Molecular Biology (VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology) KU Leuven

(URL: of E ndothelial Molecular Biology (Vesalius Research Center).

The goal of the Laboratory of Endothelial Molecular Biology (VRC) is to expand the current knowledge of how metabolism regulates endothelial redox homeostasis and vice-versa in healthy and diseased conditions. To accomplish this they have taken advantage of the innovative genetic and imaging ...

Morphology Hasselt University

The research group covers two different areas :
1. Neuroregeneration in the central nervous system (therapies for spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries) - Prof. Hendrix.
2. Dento-maxillo-facial regenerative medicine: neuroregeneration and bone tissue formation using stem cells and implants, analyzed by histological techniques, frontier research by means of multiple high-resolution imaging techniques- Prof. Lambrichts